Founder Dale Lott was dissatisfied with the trend in high-end IEMs—cramming more and more drivers into plastic shells, resulting in phase issues, raspy highs and distortion. With a breakthrough three-stage design that harnesses the natural resonance of three rare materials, we unlocked a unique harmonious sound signature that's stunningly musical.


For Precision & Superior Noise Isolation

A naturally-occurring volcanic glass formed by the rapid solidification of lava, obsidian’s conchoidal fracture results in the sharpest razor edge found in nature. So sharp, it can hold an edge 500 times sharper than surgical steel, and has been used in weaponry and warfare since the beginning of time. In addition, its black luster exudes an air of luxury befitting of the most premium earphones.

Solid Sterling Silver

For a Warm & Ringing Timbre

Long-cherished by the finest classical musical instrument makers for use in their highest-end instruments, sterling silver is a timeless metal, renowned for its ability to accurately project sound with a warm, ringing timbre. Sterling silver is also uniquely suited to skin contact and incomparably comfortable to wear, due to powerful antimicrobial properties and its thermal ability to dissipate and regulate heat.


For an Unparalleled Soundstage & Clarity

Recognized for its extreme strength-to-density properties which allows it to perform flawlessly under the most extreme conditions.  Though Titanium is notoriously difficult to work with, when used as an acoustic chamber, it creates a soundstage that is unparalleled in its expanse and clarity. Titanium is also hypoallergenic, making it ideal for long hours of wearing.

Titanium’s most famous application is in the construction of America’s most legendary spy plane. An aircraft that was so advanced that it remains the fastest air-breathing, manned aircraft a full 55 years after its creation.

Magneto-Static Drivers

The world’s first ACT Magneto-Static driver which registers a frequency range of 4Hz to >40kHz with <.001 distortion featuring a proprietary 3-layers laminated membrane.

Nano-Tech Eartips

Employing nanotechnology and a secret formula, our nFORM™ XTR (Xtreme Temperature Resistance) earfoams maintain consistent pliability under extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations – conditions that cause other foam tips to lose pliability and structural integrity. Made to meet the extreme demands of today where hi-res audio, increasing noise pollution, and extreme physical activities are the norm.

Custom Matching and Balancing

The deep experience and meticulous audio engineering inside every SPEAR Labs™ earphone set makes for a listening experience unlike any before. Left and right custom-matched and beautifully balanced.