Why do people still buy luxury watches in this day and age?
Because the finest watches don't just tell time—they're timeless.

Each SPEAR Labs™ earphone doesn't just play music. It's a statement piece of refined taste.
It's a way of rewarding yourself for having arrived.
It's life's little luxury.

Encased in beauty

SPEAR Labs™ Triton 1™ earphones come encased in plush, luxurious leather, handmade by an artisan company that has been specialising in leather for hundreds of years in England.

personalized perfection

Because SPEAR Labs™ earphones are made in very limited quantities, each earphone undergoes very specific tests to ensure complete peace of mind for your experiential pleasure.

Pre-burned In On a Curated Playlist

Your earphones come with full audio testing, burnt in for 72 hours on a specially-curated playlist and pink/white noise to ensure optimum performance right out of the box.

Individually Tested

Every single earphone is stress tested to 120 dB to ensure that they'll perform just as flawlessly if you'd like to crank up the volume to 11. Or 12.

Visual Inspection

Each and every earphone is inspected under magnifying lenses and Broad Spectrum light, as if it were our very own.