SPEAR Labs, LLC is located in Nashville, Tennessee. Our company has successfully designed various mission critical communication and hearing protection systems for high noise environments. SPEAR Labs works with industrial, motorsports, military, aviation, and aerospace customers to develop, prototype, test and manufacture highly ruggedized equipment for mission critical applications. We pride ourselves on innovative products that not only meet but exceed customer needs not only in design, but price.




Design Experiences

Active Noise Reduction Systems

Active Noise Reduction (ANR) is an electronic process which samples sound within an enclosed space with a microphone, then plays the sound back out of phase. The result is the ambient noise level is significantly reduced in the lower frequencies. This reduction allows for greater speech intelligibility when using communications, lower noise levels, and less user fatigue caused by droning low frequency noise. SPEAR Labs employs a unique tuning process to design state-of-the-art ANR systems for headsets, ground crew helmets, and flight helmets. SPEAR Labs has custom ANR solutions for use in motorsports, industrial, aviation, and military applications. SPEAR Labs uses many exclusive technologies in our ANR systems.

Tactical Hearing Protection

Hearing protection while maintaining situation awareness has always been a problem. The use of helmets and headsets restricts the userís ability to monitor audio not transmitted into the helmet or headset. SPEAR Labs' proprietary designed Hearing Enhancement Amplitude Reduction System (H.E.A.R.S.) allows the user to monitor outside audio source while still wearing a helmet or headset. This is done by monitoring sound outside the helmet and dynamically adjusting the audio level sent to the userís ears to maintain safe listening levels. User selectable level adjustments maintains a selected volume level even in dynamic high noise environments. Additionally, H.E.A.R.S. will react to impulse noises (such as gunfire) to protect hearing. H.E.A.R.S. is an integrated feature of our ANR technology for the ultimate in hearing protection, speech intelligibility, and improved situation awareness.

Voice Communication

Voice communication in a dynamic environment becomes difficult due to the conflict of isolating the user's voice when transmitting while attempting to mask the background noises of the user's environment. SPEAR Labs has designed microphones that compensate for pressure change in order to allow constant and stable communication in environments as harsh as full pressure suits for the NASA Orion Program. The clarity of all the microphones improve speech intelligibility which in turn further aids the use of voice recognition by providing a clear signal to the interpreting computer software.

Passive Hearing Protection

SPEAR has developed passive hearing protection technologies that improve both user protection from harmful noise and user comfort. When used inside a helmet, such as an aircrew helmet, the hearing protection improves the fit of the helmet and reduces helmet roll from helmet mounted devices such as Night Vision Devices (NVDs).

Passive Earphones

Passive Earphones provide either a custom or non-custom solution that allows much greater elimination of noise while still providing clear communication signals to the user. The earphones have applications in aircraft helmets, headsets, or as a simple single layer of hearing protection.


Tactical Voice Communication

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